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Dr. Millsaps, dentist in Hickory, NC, has built his state of the art office using some of the most high tech equipment available to dentists today, which include digital impressions, intraoral cameras, digital radiographs (3D Imaging), and patient records. With the understanding that technological developments in dentistry is its future, he hopes to consistently update the practice in order to keep pace with the changing world of dentistry. Hickory Dentistry offers electronic communication between the office and the patient.  For those patients who prefer to request appointments on-line and receive reminders via text or e-mail, we have that ability.

Dr. Millsaps also understands that your time is important as well and will do his best to provide dental treatment in an efficient manner without sacrificing quality or compassion. We pledge to do everything in our power to respect your time commitments and find appointment times convenient for both you and our office. In addition to appointments on Fridays, dental appointments are available before and after work.

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