At Hickory Dentistry, our team emphasizes the importance of regular dental cleanings and exams to maintain optimal oral health. These routine visits are crucial for preventing dental issues before they develop into serious problems. Dr. Josh M. Millsaps is dedicated to providing thorough cleanings and comprehensive exams to ensure the health and beauty of your smile.

Why Regular Dental Cleanings and Exams are Essential
Dental cleanings and exams offer numerous benefits:

  • Plaque and Tartar Removal: Even with diligent brushing and flossing, plaque and tartar can accumulate in hard-to-reach areas. Professional cleanings effectively remove these deposits, preventing cavities and gum disease.
  • Early Detection of Dental Issues: Regular exams allow our dentist and team to identify and address potential dental problems early on, often saving patients time, discomfort and money.
  • Oral Cancer Screening: As part of the dental exam, we perform an oral cancer screening, critical for early detection and treatment.
  • Guidance on Oral Hygiene Practices: Personalized advice on how to improve and maintain your oral hygiene routine at home.

The Cleaning and Exam Process
The process includes:

  • Comprehensive Cleaning: Using specialized tools to clean above and below the gumline, removing plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Detailed Examination: We examine your teeth, gums and mouth for any signs of dental health issues.
  • Professional Recommendations: Based on the exam findings, we provide recommendations for any needed treatments or preventive measures.

For a healthier, brighter smile, schedule your next dental cleaning and exam in Hickory, North Carolina, with our team. Contact us at 828-322-2977 to make an appointment and take a proactive step towards maintaining your oral health.

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